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Mine Manager

  • Posted by : Nature Guardian Advisors

 January 29, 2024 - September 28, 2024

  • Job category : Project Management
  • Salary : 49


Job Description

Nature Guardian Advisors stands as a leading force in sustainable resource management, specializing in responsible mining practices. Committed to environmental stewardship, the company is dedicated to overseeing and analyzing operations in the mining industry. 

Nature Guardian Advisors is seeking a dedicated and experienced Mine Manager to join our dynamic team. Committed to environmental stewardship, our company is dedicated to overseeing and analyzing operations in the mining industry. 

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Oversee and analyze mining operations, ensuring efficiency and strict adherence to safety regulations. 

  • Recommend operational changes to senior management to meet production quotas while maintaining procedural compliance. 

  • Prepare detailed production reports specifically related to mining activities for senior management review. 

  • Collaborate with other managers to plan extraction sites and develop policies for responsible raw material removal. 

  • Evaluate the efficiency of mining production sites, making necessary adjustments to personnel, equipment, and technologies. 

  • Ensure strict adherence to safety regulations in all mining operational activities. 

  • Take charge of hiring personnel and overseeing the training needs of mining staff. 

  • Direct peripheral activities related to mining, such as the construction of access roads or temporary living quarters. 

Skills required: 

  • Mining Operations Management:Expertise in overseeing mining operations, optimizing production efficiency, and ensuring compliance with industry standards. 

  • Safety Compliance: Strong understanding and application of safety regulations in the mining industry to create a secure working environment. 

  • Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze mining operations, production data, and efficiency metrics for informed decision-making and process improvements. 

  • Leadership: Effective leadership in managing and leading a team of mining professionals, including hiring, training, and oversight. 

  • Strategic Planning: Collaborative skills for developing strategic plans, setting production quotas, and implementing policies aligned with the company's goals and industry best practices. 

Education: Graduation degree in the relevant field 

Experience: More than 2 years of relevant experience 

Job Id : JFC-243355
Vacancy : 1
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Location : Moncton - NB, New Brunswick, CANADA