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Rental agent, real estate


 July 10, 2020 - August 04, 2020

  • Job category : Real Estate


Job Description

Job responsibilities:

1) Negotiate and approve rental and lease of various properties in a portfolio on behalf of property owners and ensure that terms of lease agreement are met;

2) Prepare and administer contracts for provision of property services, such as cleaning and maintenance, security services and alarm systems;

3) Co-ordinate the implementation of repairs, maintenance and renovations carried out on buildings and monitor progress and cost of work for property owners;

4) Compile and maintain records on operating expenses and income, prepare reports and review rents to ensure they are at market value;

5) Ensure that trouble calls received from clients or tenants are acted upon;

6) Administer damage deposits;

7) Hire and supervise rental agents, property clerks, other support staff performing operational, clerical and maintenance duties.

Job Id : JFC-71069
Vacancy : 1
Location : Markham - ON, Ontario, CANADA